Driving Courses

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Driving Courses

At Eye Drive School of Motoring, we provide the following courses that can be arranged and carried out under the supervision of our trained DVSA drivers:

  • Standard Manual Driving (Automatic in pupil’s car must be insured and roadworthy)
  • Pass Plus
  • Advanced Driving
  • Theory / Hazard Perception Test Assistance
  • Refresher Courses
  • Eco Safe Driving
  • Intensive Courses
  • Motorway Tuition
  • Mock Tests
  • Tuition One to One
  • Nervous Pupils Welcome

Our Courses What Eye Drive can provide for you...


You must be at least 17 years of age. If you are registered disabled you must be 16 years old and in receipt of Mobility Allowance. You must hold a current full or provisional licence.

If you have a photo card you have to have the counterpart. If you do not have a current full or provisional license you can obtain one from ww.dvla.gov.uk or by completing the D1 form from your local post office. You must be able to read a car number plate from 20.5 metres (67 feet – about 5 car lengths); if you need glasses or contact lenses to read the number plate that is fine but you must wear them at all times when driving. Comfortable clothes and sensible footwear are required (Sorry no working coveralls, no work boots or stiletto heels).

Intensive Driving Course

Five days or 10 days intensive course, Semi intensive course four weeks.

The type of intensive course will depend on your experience as a driver. If a total beginner, try our Introductory Lesson (2 hours during which you will learn the controls of the car as well as drive the vehicle). Depending if you’ve had previous driving experience you may not need 30 hours but you need to have an assessment lesson before taking an intensive course.This assessment is needed to identify the length of intensive course required, i.e. 5-days, 10-days. The number of hours per day you will need depends on the number of lessons required to reach above test standard. A total beginner would probably require a number of lessons roughly double their age; those with some driving experience, say 10 hours, would require one-and-a-half times their age and so on. Intensive courses are normally four hours or six hours per day, for instance split into sessions of two hours with a half hour break in between. Each intensive course will be tailored to the individual’s needs. You should only book a driving test with the agreement of the instructor, to avoid clashing with other pupils’ tests. Towards the end of your intensive course, if you have completed the theory test, consult your instructor. Remember you must have passed the theory test before booking a practical driving test and can, if you wish, take the intensive driving course before the theory test and then book the practical test. I can also put you in touch with a company that can fast track a test for you if you need it urgently or a test is too far ahead.Five days intensive course is six hours a day this is broken up one hour rest for every two hours lesson. Number of hours in five days is 30 hours.
10 days intensive course is four hours a day with one hour break in between in 10 days is 30 hours.
Semi intensive course, For A four weeks is two hours every other day. Which is 30 hours.

Refresher Course

We offer refresher courses for candidates who have passed their driving test or learner drivers who have stopped driving lessons, but require some further tuition and building up confidence…


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Video Demonstation

Sill unsure of what Eye Drive can offer? View our online video demonstration in order to get a clear view of what we can provide and why we are the perfect choice to aid in your driving capabilities…

Fleet Driver Training

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